He Ya

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He Ya, female, Han nationality, a native of Taixing, Jiangsu Province, was born in December, 1971. She is an associate professor, and a member of the CPC. She graduated from Donghua University in 1993, obtaining a degree of bachelor of engineering in applied chemistry.  In 2002, she received her master’s degree in applied chemistry from Donghua University.  She once acted as the instructor and deputy secretary of the CPC Branch Committee of the Department of Textile Chemistry and Engineering of Donghua University, secretary of Youth League Committee of Donghua University, deputy director of Publicity Division of Donghua University, secretary of the CPC Branch Committee of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and deputy director of Collaborative Innovation Center of Donghua University for Civil Aviation Composite Materials.  She once won such honorable titles as Shanghai Pace-setter in the New Long March, Excellent Political Instructor of Students in Shanghai, Excellent Organizer of Spiritual Civilization Construction in Shanghai, and National Excellent Youth League Cadre, etc.

She acts as deputy secretary of CPC Committee and secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee of Shanghai Ocean University.

Her job is to assist the secretary in work of the CPC Committee of SHOU, and assist the president in administrative work. Responsibilities: 1. Party construction work; 2. United front work; 3. Work of discipline inspection and supervision; 4. Cadre work; 5. Personnel work (teaching staff construction, labor wages); 6. Work of the Labor Union and Women’s Committee; 7. Family planning work; 8. Retirement work; 9. Administration of university organs; 10. Petition and visits.

Divisions in her charge: 1. Organization Division; 2. United Front Division; 3. Discipline Inspection Committee; 4. Supervision Division; 5. Personnel Division; 6. Labor Union; 7. Women’s Work Committee; 8. CPC Committee of the Administrative Organs

Contact college: College of Fisheries and Life Science

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