SHOU Students Completed On-board Navugation Internship on “Pallada”

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On May 20, led by Associate Professor Ye Xuchang, the class of 2018 of marine fishery major in SHOU boarded the well-known training sail brig “Pallada” of Russia, and started their six-day on-board internship from Shanghai of China to Busan of South Korea. After landing in Busan, they visited Korea Maritime and Ocean University, and engaged in ardent communication with its faculties and students.

During the internship, the students lived together and shared meals with Russian trainees, actively blended themselves into the life on board, overcoming the difficulties of seasickness, fear of height, diet maladjustment, and so forth, and earnestly accomplished their learning and training tasks on board. Upholding the seamen spirits of diligent practice, brave exploration and hard work, they not only mastered the operational skills of navigation, but also received comprehensive safety training and professional practice training under real conditions, including mast climbing, sail hoisting, steering, watching, etc. To lighten up their learning life on board, the students of both countries also took part in sports contests and concerts, which forged a profound bond of affection between them in a short period of time.

After six days of navigation, “Pallada” successfully arrived at the South Korean Port of Busan. On May 26, the students paid an exchange visit to Korea Maritime and Ocean University, a national university in South Korea that is featured by the subjects of navigation, logistics, ocean engineering, and traffic transportation. During the visit to its campus and on-campus museum, SHOU students watched videos, and deeply enjoyed its unique campus culture. Hu Song, Deputy Dean of SHOU College of Marine Sciences, gave a report on the development of SHOU’s oceanology education; after that, all the teachers and students listened to the academic reports presented by three professors (i.e., Jang Tae-Su, Do Gi-Jig, and Kim Hyung-Suk) from KMOU Department of Marine Sciences about global climate change, coastal sediment transport and paralic environment, which sparked hot discussion and exchange among the audience from both countries and benefited them a lot.

During the exchange learning, the students of the marine fishery major study hard, have no fear of challenge and difficulties and gave full play to the SHOU’s motto of “Diligence, Sincerity, Dedication, and Practicality”. As a professional teaching activity organized through international cooperation, the navigation internship on “Pallada” significantly improved the quality of internship teaching, and enriched the contents of extra-curricular practice. It was also a very meaningful international exchange activity that broadened students’ international vision to a very large extent. The exchange visit to KMOU promoted the communication and understanding between ocean universities from both countries, displayed their unique campus culture, and deepened their friendship. In future teaching development, SHOU will continue to organize such practical activities to effectively improve students’ comprehensive quality, so that they will personally experience the charm of ocean culture and establish their ambitious marine dreams.

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