Wu Jiannong

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Wu Jianong, male, born in October, 1964, Han nationality, a native of Cixi, Zhejiang Province, joined the CPC in 1985, graduated from Wuhan University in 1986, majoring in virology, and a research fellow.  He was once a teacher, secretary of the CPC Branch Committee, and dean of the College of Fisheries of Shanghai Fisheries University, head of the Division of Teaching Affairs of Shanghai Fisheries University, dean of the College of Higher Technical and Vocational Education, assistant to the president of SHOU and head of Division of Teaching Affairs, director of Modern Information and Educational Technology Center, and head of Division of Development Planning (director of Higher Education Research Institute and director of Quality Management Office).

He became the vice president of Shanghai Ocean University in April, 2014, and has held the position since then.

His job is to assist the president in administrative work.  Responsibilities: 1. Teaching of bachelor program and associate degree program; 2. Continuing education; 3. Admission work; 4. Foreign affairs; 5. Affairs of international students; 6. Cooperation in school running; 7. Physical education; 8. Management of teaching labs; 9. Library and information

Divisions in his charge: 1. Division of Teaching Affairs; 2. Division of Foreign Affairs; 3. College of Continuing Education; 4. College of Higher Technical and Vocational Education; 5. Library; 6. College of International Cultural Exchanges

Contact colleges: College of Foreign Languages, AIEN Institute

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