“Visual Archives · Ocean Dreams” Exhibition Opened in China Navigation Museum

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On June 6, “Visual Archives · Ocean Dreams - Photography and Art Picture Exhibition of Ocean Universities”, sponsored by China Navigation Museum and jointly held by 13 universities on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, was opened at China Navigation Museum in Shanghai. Fang Cheng, Deputy Chief of Shanghai Archives Bureau; Wu Jiamin, Secretary of SHOU CPC Committee; Zhang Dongsu, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Deputy Curator of China Navigation Museum, and many other leaders present at the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was chaired by Wang Yi, Deputy Curator of China Navigation Museum.

To celebrate the Tenth China Ocean Day themed by “Sailing to the Ocean and Trending towards Dark Blue” and the Ninth World Ocean Day on June 8 and to welcome the Tenth International Archives Day themed by “Archives - Our Common Memories” on June 9, the SHOU Archives (University History Museum and University Museum) joined hands with China Navigation Museum and 13 universities on both sides of the Taiwan Straits to meticulously prepare “Visual Archives - Ocean Dreams” Exhibition in the Wind Surf Hall on the third floor of China Navigation Museum. The aim was to inspire the passions of the younger generation in the marine enterprise through the artistic manifestations of “Visual Archives”, and to write new chapters in the history of the marine higher education cause with their pride and enthusiasm in “Ocean Dreams”. The exhibition received 586 picture archives and photography works from 13 universities on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, four of which were ocean universities from Taiwan, which set a record.

The exhibition will last until September 15.

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