Leadership of SHOU Attending the “Blue Week” Marine Ministerial Meeting Held in Portugal together with the Delegation of State Oceanic Administration

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To publicize achievements and experience of China in promoting the development of the Blue Economy and the construction of ecological civilization and to achieve practical results in Sino-Portuguese cooperation in the fields of marine science and technology and the Blue Economy, the delegation of State Oceanic Administration, as invited by Ana Paula Vitorino, Marine Minister of Portugal, attended the “Blue Week” Marine Ministerial Meeting held in Lisbon on September 6-9. The delegation was led by Shi Qingfeng, Vice Chief of State Oceanic Administration, and composed of representatives from the Department of International Cooperation, the Information Center, the Second Institute of Oceanography and SHOU. Wu Jiamin, Secretary of SHOU CPC Committee was also invited to attend the meeting and took part in related activities together with the delegation.

During the visit, the delegation also visited the University of Lisbon, and reached preliminary consensus regarding how to reinforce the cooperation between scientific research institutions and colleges and universities in terms of scientific research, cultivation of people to be talents, etc. Wu Jiamin, Secretary of SHOU CPC Committee, presented an outlook of the cooperation prospect between the two sides in terms of cooperative researches on marine life, marine environment, marine charting and marine engineering, joint cultivation of students, mutual engagement of professors, exchange of students and so forth, and received active response from the University of Lisbon.

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