Cheng Yudong

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Chen Yudong, male, born in December, 1961, Han nationality, a native of Binhai, Jiangsu Province, full-time doctoral candidate, D.E. (Doctor of Engineering), professor, began to work in August, 1984, and joined China Democratic National Construction Association in January, 1999.  He now is a member of the Shanghai Municipal Standing Committee of the People’s Congress, deputy chairman of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of China Democratic National Construction Association, and president of Shanghai Ocean University. He graduated from Shanghai Fisheries Institute majoring in refrigerator technology in 1984, received his master’s degree in food engineering from Tokyo University of Fisheries in March, 1994, and received his doctor’s degree in food engineering from Tokyo University of Fisheries in March, 1997. He once acted as the assistant engineer of the Fishing Machinery and Instrument Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, foreign research fellow of the food production discipline of Tokyo University of Fisheries, food technology expert of PBI Japan, teacher and dean of the College of Food Science of Shanghai Fisheries University, director of the Scientific Research Division of Shanghai Fisheries University, vice president of Shanghai Fisheries University, and vice president of Shanghai Ocean University.

He became the president of Shanghai Ocean University in December, 2013, and has held the position since then.

He is in charge of administration work. Responsibilities: 1. Work of development and planning; 2. Discipline construction; 3. Financial work; 4. Audit work; 5. Affairs of alumni; 6. Scientific research work; 7. Affairs of postgraduates; 8. Research cooperation and scientific and technological development; 9. Academic activities and exchanges; 10. Commercialization of research findings; 11. Management of key labs and special labs

Divisions in his charge: 1. Division of Finance and Assets Management; 2. Division of Audit; 3. Division of Development Planning; 4. Division of Science and Technology; 5. Graduate School; 6. Editorial Office of the Academic Journal.

Contact colleges: College of Marine Science, College of Food Science and Technology

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