Wang Xiping

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Female, born in Shanghai in September, 1964, member of the CPC, full-time university degree, BE (bachelor of engineering), MBA.  She had been engaged in educational administration work for a long period of time in the Shanghai Higher Education Bureau and Shanghai Municipal Education Commissionand has acted as deputy director and director of Shanghai College Graduates Employment Guidance Center, head of Students’ Affirs Office of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, deputy secretary general of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, director of Shanghai Students’ Affiars Center, deputy secretary general of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission (in charge of the general office of the committee) and head of Students’ Affairs Office.  She mainly took part in admission system reform and policy making of Shanghai universities, and in the work on talent attraction, and employment work of universities and higher technical and vocational schools in Shanghai.

She was praised as the national model individual for employment work by the Ministry of Education in 2009.  Her research focuses on education of students’ career development, and she has presided over and completed several projects at provincial and ministerial level, including Study of Career Development Education of College Students, and Study of Promoting Employment of College Students through Entrepreneurial Education. As one of the key members, she completed the Study of Construction of National Employment Service System of College Graduates, an important project entrusted by the Ministry of Education on research of philosophical and social sciences.  A number of her papers were published in key journals, including Educational Development Research, and won third prize of Shanghai Municipal Award for Progress in Science and Technology for a project undertaken by her, namely Thoughts on Improving the Supply-Demand Relationship of Shanghai College Graduates and the System Development, and won a recognition prize of the Award for Key Research Projects in the 11th Five-year Planning of National Educational Science for her project titled the Study of Entrepreneurial Education and Improving Talent Quality of Colleges. She also acts as the secretary general of the Promotion Association of Employment Work of Shanghai College Graduates, vice president of National Association of Employment Work of Chinese College Graduates, and a member of Higher Education Association of the Ministry of Education.

She became the deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of SHOU in May, 2013, and has held the position since then.

Her job is to assist the secretary in work of the CPC Committee of SHOU, and assist the president in administrative work. Responsibilities: 1. Publicity work; 2. Construction of spiritual civilization; 3. Students’affairs; 4. Employment work; 5. People’s martial affairs; 6. Security work; 7. Information security of the campus network; 8. Confidentiality work; 9. Youth League and Students’ Union; 10. Construction ofideological and political theory courses.

Divisions in her charge: 1. Division of Publicity; 2. Division of Students’  Affairs; 3. Section of Security and Division of Armed Forces; 4. Youth League Committee; 5. Department of Social Science

Contact colleges: College of Humanities, Department of Social Sciences

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