Li Yanchen

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Li Yanchen, male, Han nationality, a native of Heilongjiang Province, born in December, 1965, a member of the CPC. He graduated from Shanghai Railway Institute in July, 1988, receiving his bachelor’s degree in railway engineering. He obtained MPA from Tongji University in June, 2006 in the form of the same educational qualification.  He once acted as the deputy dean of the College of Civil Engineering, deputy director and director of the General Office of Shanghai Railway University, vice general manager of the Logistics Group of Tongji University, vice president of Shanghai Lixin Accounting Institute, and vice president of Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce.

He became vice president of Shanghai Ocean University in October, 2014, and has held the position since then.

His job is to assist the president in administrative work, and help manage financial and auditing work.  Responsibilities: 1. Logistical work; 2. SHOU-run businesses; 3. Capital construction; 4. Management of state-owned property; 5. Construction and management of campus network; 6. Construction and management of the research vessel of pelagic fishery resources; 7. Comprehensive management of campus at Jungong Road.

Divisions in his charge: 1. Division of Capital Construction; 2. Asset Management Company; 3. Division of Logistics Management; 4. Division of Lab and Equipment Management; 5. Logistics Service Center; 6. Modern Information and Educational Technology Center; 7. Office for Construction and Management of the Research Vessel of Pelagic Fishery Resources; 8. Office for New Campus Construction

Contact college: College of Information Technology

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