Xie Shucheng: Analyzing the Water Chemistry of Paleoclimate, Paleohydrogeology and Palaeoceanography Based on Microbial Records

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Title of report:Analyzing the Water Chemistry of Paleoclimate, Paleohydrogeology andPalaeoceanography Based on Microbial Records

Lecturer: XieShucheng

Yangtze River ChairProfessor, Distinguished Young Scholar

Time: 15:30, Oct.20, 2016

Address: meetingroom A323 of College of Marine Science

About the lecturer:

XieShucheng, Doctor and Professor of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), ismainly engaged in researches on geomicrobiology, organic geochemistry,Quaternary geology, etc.

The titles he has won include second-grade Professor and DoctoralSupervisor of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan),Yangtze River Chair Professor, winner of NationalScience Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, State Class Persons of NationalTalents Engineering of Ministry of Personnel of China, National ExcellentScientist, Chief Scientist of National 973 Project, and responsible person ofInnovation & Intelligence Introduction Base of Colleges and Universitiesfor Biogeology and Environgeology (111 Project). He has also successively wonthe second prize of National Science Award, the first prize of National Awardfor Natural Sciences of the Ministry of Education, Science & TechnologyAward for Chinese Youth and so forth, and published more than 100 SCI papers onNature and many other journals.

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