Series Report on "Plateau Discipline" of Ocean Science

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Title of report: Benthic observatories - need for time series and underwaterexperiments. Case study: the eutrophied, oxygen deficient central Baltic Sea

Lecturer: Stefan Sommer, GEOMAR

Time:14 nov,09:30-10:30

Address: meeting room A323 of College of Marine Sciences

About the lecturer:

Stefan Sommer is mainly engaged in researches on thebiogeochemical cycles of elements in deep sea, especially cold springs andminimum oxygen belts. He is highly experienced in the in-situ observation oflanders, and has served as chief scientist of many German scientificexpeditions.

Title of report: Benthic N cycling on the Peruvianmargin and linkages with the water column: progress so far

Lecturer:Andrew Dale,GEOMAR

Time: 14 nov,10:40-11:40

Address:meeting room A323 of College of Marine Sciences

About the lecturer: Andrew Dale as a senior researcher of GEOMAR, he mainly focuses on thebiogeochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus, and combines thegeochemical and numerical simulation of sediment pore water to quantitativelystudy both the biogeochemical processes of elements in sediments and theseabed-seawater bottom flux. He has published many papers on Geology, GCA, EPSLand other first-class geographical journals.

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