Antonio Liotta: Big and Small Data-Mining in the Internet of Things

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Title of report: Big and Small Data-Mining in the Internet of Things)

Lecturer: Professor Antonio Liotta

Time: 29 Nov. 15:30

Address: Room 202, College of Information Technology

Professor Antonio Liotta, Chairman of Network Communication Protocol of the Eindhoven Universityof Technology Netherlands, and has been leading the Intelligent NetworkLaboratory since 2008. He is also co-founder of the Data Science Center of theuniversity and academic board member of the Institute for InformationCommunication Technology Research and the Center for Wireless NetworkTechnology Research, and serves as one of the Chairmen of the Dutch theInstitute for Information Communication Technology Research. He is also theuniversity representative in the field of European Internet of Things research,and one of the main cooperators of EU’s Internet of Things and Intelligent Cityprograms.

His team has alwaysbeen at the frontier of wireless network and data science, and has madeoutstanding achievements especially in the fields of Intelligent City, Internetof Things, Mass Data and Intelligent Perception. They have studied thecomplexity of current systems from the fields of complex network, networklearning capability, network data exploration, and attempted to solve the datadeluge problem by the bionic method and applied it in the industrial practice.The team has realized microcomputer learning and processing on intelligent cityenvironment sensors; their research achievements have been covered by famousmedia in the Netherlands, and their papers have been published on IEEESpectrum. Antonio has also won the Outstanding Contribution Award of theEindhoven University of Technology Netherlands in 2015. Currently he isdirecting the deployment of the largest open Internet of Things facility in theNetherlands.

Antonio Liotta ismember of the UK Academic Board for Higher Education; IEEE senior fellow; EPSRCfellow; Editor-in-Chief of Internet ofThings: Technology, Communication and Computation published by Springer;Associate Editor-in-Chief of Journal ofNetwork and System Management and InternationalJournal of Network Management; editorial board member of six otherjournals. Besides six patents and more than 250 papers, he is also the authorof Networks for Pervasive Services: sixways to upgrade the Internet.

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