Managing fisheries under uncertainty: climate change, trophic effects, and life history(Fishery Summit Discipline Academic Report)

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Title of report: Managing fisheries under uncertainty: climate change, trophiceffects, and life history

Lecturer:  Cody Szuwalski,UCSB

Time: 09:30-11:00, 29 Nov.

Venue: meeting room A323 of College of Marine Science

About the lecturer:

Cody Szuwalski is currently research faculty in the Bren School ofEnvironmental Science and Management at the University of California, SantaBarbara. Cody earned his PhD from the University of Washington with adissertation focused on managing fisheries under uncertainty. He is active inthe management community focused on the crab fisheries in the eastern BeringSea and writes stock assessments used by NOAA to determine allowable catches.He is interested in using quantitative methods to understand how to ensurecontinued production of protein from the ocean as global climate changes. Mostof his achievements published on the PANs, Fish and Fisheries, ICES Journal ofMarine Science, Fisheries Research.

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