Miao Song: Irish Agri-food Research and the Food Program at Teagasc Food Research Center, Ireland(Food Highland Discipline Series Report)

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Reporter: Miao Song

Report time: 09:00-10:30, December 14, 2016

Place of report: A209 Meeting Room, College of Food Sciences and Technology

Briefing of the reporter: Dr. Miao Song, a tenured senior researcher of TEAGASC Food Research Center of Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Republic of Ireland, Ph.D. advisor of University College Cork (UCC) and a special-term professor of Fujian Minjiang Scholar Program, has long been engaged in fundamental and scientific application studies in food materials and storage processing technologies and once worked on post-doctoral research in Irish National Biotechnology Center and Global R&D Manager and specialist in Holland Unilever R&D Center, with major research experiences including:

1) During post-doctoral study: he mainly undertook EU scientific research projects, engaged in study on probiotics embedding, keeping alive and drying processing technologies

2) During work with Unilever HQ: he presided at and participated in Unilever global PR and product R&D projects several times, solved problems on powder processing, flavor embedding, emulsion structural design and application and obtained commercially valuable invention patents

3) Since work with Irish National Food Research Center: he took lead in food structure design, food property and material research team, made use of food material principle, studied the influence to food structure by raw material processing technology and storage conditions, explored the influence to food function by structural change mechanism and food structure, optimized food structural design, obtained innovative achievements particularly in the field of controlled flavor and active substance release of structure emulsion, food structure and transfer system design, powder and drying technologies, chaired, jointly chaired and participated in national and corporate science and technology key projects. He published more than 40 SCI papers in the last 3 years, and is now a member of the management committee of Food and Agriculture COST ACTION FA1001 and Materials, Physical and Nanosciences COST ACTION MP 1305 (MC member). Since his employment with TEAGASC food research center, Dr. Miao Song has long been keeping close relationship with many domestic universities, scientific research institutions and multinational enterprises with research direction mainly at food properties and materials sciences, food drying and granulation and powder technology, probiotics and active molecule embedding, food structure and transfer system design, food processing and functions, dairy technology, functional food ingredients and others.  

We welcome all faculties and students to attend the report.

College of Food Science and Technology

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