Hefeng Dong:Impact of man-made sound on marine fishes orinvertebrates and detection of the man-made noise (especiallyhigh-level sound suchas piling noise, offshoreconstruction, emphasize on interface/shear waves)(Academic Report on Shanghai Fishery S

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Time:  13:30-15:00,June 21 th, 2017

Location: Meeting Room A323 of the College of Marine Sciences

About the lecturer:

Dong Hefeng is currently a professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and has been engaged in the teaching and academic research work of the acoustic remote sensing group under the electronic system since 2002. Dong’s main research interests include numerical simulation of acoustic propagation, acoustic remote sensing, geological-acoustic and seismic model and inversion, underwater acoustic communication, and signal processing. Besides giving the report entitled “Influence of Man-made Noises on Marine Fishes and Invertebrata and Related Detections as invited, Dong will also give a detailed introduction to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and engage in exchange and discussion about the teaching and experiments of hydroacoustics and marine acoustics.

All teachers and students are encouraged to attend the lecture!

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