SHOU Participated in 2017 China International Modern Fishery & Fishery Science and Technology Exposition

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2017 China International Modern Fishery & Fishery Science and Technology Exposition, hosted by the Fisheries Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture, China Fisheries Association and other units, was held in Hefei, Anhui Province on June 16-18. The Fifth Modern Fishery Development Forum and other activities were also held during the same period.

SHOU attached great importance to this exposition. Li Jiale, Vice President of SHOU, attended the opening ceremony of the exposition, and presented his speech. The exposition, organized by the office of science and technology and assisted by the technology transfer company, selected 22 projects, covering aquaculture, modern fishery facilities, aquatic product processing, aquatic ecological environment protection, aquarium fish and many other aspects. It fully displayed the features and strength of SHOU in the fields of modern fishery and fishery science and technology in recent years.

Group Photot of SHOU leaders and participating teachers and students

Professional audience visiting SHOU exhibition area and consulting the staff

Zhao Xingwu, former Chief of the Fisheries Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture and President of China Fisheries Association and Cui Lifeng, President of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences visited SHOU exposition section and talked with our project manager. The exhibition projects also attracted many enterprises, aquaculture farmers and other professional audience. To be specific, primary cooperation intention has been reached with regard to Compound Metalaxyl Powder, Eco-cycle Efficient Intensive Aquiculture System, “Shengmo” Ecological Aquarium and other projects.

SHOU received five awards at this exposition. Namely, the Best Organization Award was awarded to SHOU, “Eco-cycle Efficient Intensive Aquiculture System” project was granted the Award for Outstanding Contribution to Intelligent Aquiculture; “Compound Metalaxyl Powder”was granted the Award for Contribution to Efficient and Green Aquiculture Development; “Aquatic Product Fresh-keeping Technique based on Electrolysed Water and Electrolysed Water Icing Technology” was granted the Award for Promoting Sustainable Resources Utilization and New Product Development; and “Eriocheir Sinensis ‘Jianghai 21’ New Aquatic Product Variety”was granted the Award for Contribution to Rice-Crab Agroecosystem Promotion.

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