“Rainbow Fish” Deep-sea Science Popularization & Experience Base Received Approval as a Shanghai Municipal-level Science Popularization Base

The release date:2017-06-15view:107Set

Recently, the “Rainbow Fish” Deep-sea Science Popularization & Experience Base of SHOU, located in Shanghai Lingang Marine Science Park, has been successfully approved as a municipal-level fundamental science popularization base after a series of procedures, like declaration by SHOU, initial assessment and recommendation by the district association for science and technology, review by the municipal association for science and technology, etc.

“Rainbow Fish” Deep-sea Science Education & Experience Base was established on May 2, 2015, and, after a year of preparations, it was formally opened on May 1, 2016. The base consists of exhibition hall and lecture hall for science eduation, and exhibit area for Hadal Science and Technology Research Center (HAST) and HAST engineering final-assembly. It occupies a total area of more than 4,900m2. So far, it has received thousands of group vistors and nearly 20 thousand individual visitors from all over the world, and has been widely acclaimed in the world. “Rainbow Fish” Deep-sea Science Education & Experience Base is exactly a supporting and derivative facilitiy for HAST’s academic research work, and, featured by deep-sea experience, it attempts to popularize hadal technical equipment and hadal scientific knowledge to the whole society; it also serves as a window to exhibit SHOU’s development and academic researches, expands its social influence and awareness and further builds it into a higher-level university with its own features.

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