The Delegation Led by President of The University of Tromso - The Arctic University of Norway Visited SHOU

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On the afternoon of May 5, the 11-person delegation of The University of Tromso - The Arctic University of Norway, led by President Anne Husebekk and Vice President Wenche Jakobsen, visited SHOU, and held a meeting with President Cheng Yudong, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office Zhong Junsheng, heads of related colleges, and faculty representatives.

Cheng warmly welcomed the delegation of Anne Husebekk on behalf of SHOU, and introduced SHOU’s development history, academic construction and development vision to the guests. After that, Anne Husebekkbriefly introduced the subject and major setup, academic research and other conditions of the Arctic University of Norway. The faculty representatives from both sides gave self-introductions one by one, and exchanged their ideas with each other. In view of the numerous cooperation space and opportunities between them in fishery economy, maritime law, bioscience, industrial engineering and many other aspects, they both expressed the hope to establish cooperation framework through this negotiation and communication, to promote their cooperation and exchange, to strengthen their student cultivation, academic exchange and cultural communication, and to broaden the international vision of faculties and students.

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