Professor Cui Weicheng received the National Award for Excellence in Innovation

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On the morning of May 27, celebration of the National Science and Technology Workers’ Day & the Awarding Conference of the National Award for Excellence in Innovation was successfully held in Beijing. 10 scientific research teams and 282 excellent science and technology workers were awarded. Professor Cui Weicheng of SHOU was also among the winners.

Professor Cui Weicheng working on scientific expedition ship “Zhang Jian”

Professor Cui Weicehng, porject manager, Chief DeputyDesigner, on-site Deputy Commander-in-chief in sea trials and trial pilot of the master and integration project of manned submersible “Jiaolong”, and has made major contributions to the successful development of “Jiaolong” and received the honorary title of “Hero of Deep Submergence” from the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. After the successful development of “Jiaolong”, to accelerate the development pace of China in the field of manned deep submergence technology, Cui built a new team, took the lead to create HAST in SHOU to “crack the hard nut and march towards the deepest hadal trench of the earth”, and fully devoted himself to the development of full-sea depth (11,000m) manned hadal equipment.

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