The 5th Scientific Committee Meeting of South Pacific RegionalOrganization of Management over Fishery Successfully Undertaken by SHOU

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On September 20-28, the 5th Scientific Committee Meeting of South Pacific Regional Organization of Management over Fishery, sponsored by the Bureau of Fishery under the Ministry of Agriculture and undertaken by SHOU, was successfully held in Shanghai. More than 70 representatives, from various member states of SPROMF (including China, the EU, America, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Peru, etc.), from the Secretariat of SPROMF and from Deep Sea Conservation Coalition (DSCC) and other non-governmental organizations, attended this meeting. The number of representatives set a record in the history of previous Scientific Committee meetings. The Chinese scientist delegation, composed of nearly 20 middle-aged and young teachers of SHOU, was present at this meeting; Doctor Chen Yong, Chair Professor of SHOU, took part in all the activities of this meeting; Li Gang, Vice Chairman of Squid Jigging Team, presided over some agendas of this meeting.  

On the morning of September 23, the 5th Scientific Committee Meeting of South Pacific Regional Organization of Management Over Fishery (SPROMF) was officially opened. Present at the opening ceremony were Liu Xinzhong, Deputy Chief of the Bureau of Fisheries of the Ministry of Agriculture; Zhao Liling, Director of Pelagic Fishery Office; Sun Haiwen, Director of International Cooperation Office; Wu Jiannong, Vice President of SHOU; Zhong Junsheng, Director of International Exchange Office, and others. Liu Xinzhong and Wu Jiannong gave their opening speeches on behalf of the Chinese Government and SHOU, respectively. At the end of the opening ceremony, Liu Xinzhong, Wu Jiannong and others had a group photo taken with other participating representatives.

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