“Songhang” Successfully Completed Its Shipment Equipment Trial Voyage

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At 17:00 on September 27, “Songhang” berthed at the terminal of Tianjin Xin’gang Shipyard. Departing on the afternoon of September 20, “Songhang” successfully completed its eight-day ship equipment trial voyage.

“Songhang” making a triumphant return from its trial voyage

At 15:18 on September 20, “Songhang” slowly departed from the shipyard terminal of Tianjin Xin’gang Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., and started its eight-day trial voyage. The entire trial voyage involved a total of 137 personnel.

Captain Liu Zhiliang and his Chief Mate earnestly learning to master straight oar manipulation process

Discussing about straight oar manipulation process

“Songhang” navigating forward on the sea in the sunset

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