Teachers of SHOU Attending the 13th Scientific Meeting of Western and Central Fishery Commission (WCPFC)

The release date:2017-08-15view:30Set

On August 9-17, dispatched by the Bureau of Fishery under the Ministry of Agriculture and invited by Western and Central Fishery Commission (WCPFC), four teachers of the College of Marine Sciences of SHOU, Dai Xiaojie, Xu Liuxiong, Zhu Jiangfeng and Wang Jintao, and our Guest Professors Chen Yong and Liu Xiaobing attended the 13th Scientific Meeting of Western and Central Fishery Commission (WCPFC) held at Cook Islands as special consultants to the Chinese delegation. Also present at this meeting were 120 representatives from 26 member states, seven overseas territories and two cooperative non-member states, including China, Australia, Cook Islands, the EU, Fiji, South Korea, Taipei of China, America, Vanuatu, etc.

Scientists of SHOU argued strongly on just grounds, and safeguarded the tuna-related fishery interests of our country in Western-Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO) under the premise of guaranteeing the sustainable development of fishery in Western-Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO).

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