The Fourth “Telling Chinese Stories in English” (Shanghai) & Lingang Special Area Tryout Concluded at Shanghai Ocean University

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On January 2, the Fourth “Telling Chinese Stories in English” (Shanghai) event was formally launched at SHOU. The Lingang Special Area Tryout was co-organized by the Mission Work Committee of Lingang Special Area, the College of Foreign Languages of SHOU, and the Youth League Committee of SHOU. Also present at the event were Song Minjuan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of SHOU; Zhou Jing, Vice President of Shanghai New Channel School; Lu Ye, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee; Yu Yuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of College of Foreign Languages, etc.

Themed “Telling Chinese Stories in English”, the event encouraged young people in Lingang Special Area to embrace the new year with a new image, including young public officials working at government agencies within the jurisdiction, as well as students of SHOU, Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai University of Electric Power, Shanghai DianJi University, Shanghai Jian Qiao University, East Shanghai High School, and the Affiliated Datuan High School of Shanghai Ocean University. A variety of performance forms, including recitations, speeches, monologues, and talent shows, were employed to provide a platform for young people at home and abroad, with the purposes of promoting Chinese culture, facilitating exchanges with the world, and turning more young people into good tellers of Chinese stories and spokespersons of Chinese culture.

Song Minjuan presented the opening speech, affirming the role of the event in telling Chinese stories, spreading Chinese voices, interpreting Chinese spirit, and showcasing Chinese style. She emphasized that the event was conducive to helping young people cultivate patriotism, strengthen cultural confidence, inherit Chinese culture, and promote mutual understanding and cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign peoples. She also stated that SHOU would always uphold the university motto of Diligence, Sincerity, Dedication, and Practicality and adhere to the principle of from the ocean to the world, from the ocean to the future; and that the advantages of the College of Foreign Languages would be transformed into international communication efforts, to help build a discourse system that integrates China and foreign countries and to tell Chinese stories and spread Chinese voices.

The event attracted a total of 27 participants, including students (international students inclusive) from five universities in Lingang Special Area, students from two high schools, and young people from Lingang Special Area. The event proceeded in the order of drawing lots.

After intense competition, the event selected four first prizes (including an international student Bai Mengning from Mongolia), seven second prizes (including Shi Liangyu from Shanghai Jian Qiao University), and ten third prizes (including Liu Yuran from Shanghai University of Electric Power). The Best Organizing Award was presented as well.

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